Passover 2024

Last Updated April 30, 2024

Passover is a major Jewish holiday commemorating the emancipation of the Israelites from slavery in ancient Egypt. In Hebrew, this eight-day festival is known as “Pesach,” and this year begins at sundown on Monday, April 22, 2024, and concludes on Tuesday, April 30, 2024.

Found in the Torah, the Passover story tells of the Israelites’ slavery, deliverance, and escape from Egypt. The Jews had been forced into slavery by Pharaoh, the ruler of Egypt. When he was asked to release them, Pharoah refused. In response, God sent ten successive plagues to convince Pharoah to free them from slavery.

The Hebrew name of the day – Pesach – means “passed over” referring to the final plague that killed Egyptian firstborns, but miraculously “passed over” the houses of the Israelites. When the Pharaoh’s son was killed during this final plague, it was then that he decided to let the Jews go free. Jews give thanks during Passover as it is a reminder that even when they are oppressed, the Bible teaches that they will endure.

During the first two nights of Passover, Jews are commanded to hold special family meals known as Seders, which include reading the Haggadah, the story of Passover. Everyone gathers around the table to take a turn reading and then discuss the story’s significance.

During the holiday, it is forbidden to eat leavened food products such as bread or pasta. Prior to the start of the holiday the home is cleansed of any leavened food products. Depending upon the home, it can be  an enormous task!

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Wishing you all a meaningful and joyous Passover! Chag Pesach Sameach! (Happy Passover)

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