Partners Community Care Hub Solves Health Care System HRSNs

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Our Community Care Hub provides your healthcare system with a ready-made infrastructure to address Health-Related Social Needs (HRSNs).

We have organized and manage a network of community-based organizations throughout California providing services that can address your patient’s HRSNs.

Partners Community Care Hub Makes it Easy

  • A Centralized administrative function so you don’t have to track down CBOs throughout the state
  • An Operational infrastructure – one contract accesses a multitude of CBOs based on your need of:
    • Geography,
    • Language,
    • Cultural sensitivity, and/or
    • Specialties including meals, care coordination, transportation, or other needs.

One Call Does It All

Even better, our NCQA-certified organization handles all payment operations, management of referrals, service delivery fidelity, compliance requirements, technology, information security, data collection, and reporting.

Partners has trusted relationships with – and understands – the capacities of local community-based and healthcare organizations that fosters cross-sector collaborations resulting in community governance with authentic local voices.

Efficient and Cost Effective

Partnering with us is an efficient and effective means for your healthcare organization to provide services that address the HRSNs of your patients.

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