Online Resources to Live A Fuller Life

Technology has become an increasingly important tool for us to stay connected to each other and to the goods, services, and supports we need to stay healthy and thrive.

Through technology, we can check in with family and friends, perform meaningful work, and learn new skills—all from a safe distance.

Here is a list of resources we encourage you to explore for entertainment, education, and relaxation. Check this page frequently as we add to this list!


The online fitness studio designed for older adults. Through a combination of low impact fitness classes and video chat, FlexTogether promotes wellness and connectedness.


A free app providing classical music.

LA County Library

To offer free public resources including books, music, multimedia materials, computer and internet access, and educational and recreational services.


An online video-storytelling platform intentionally designed for older adults & families to easily record their valuable life stories & legacies.

Music Mends Minds (MMM)

To improve the lives of patients with neurological diseases through the healing power of music.


A senior living resident engagement platform that allows communities to deeply understand their residents and engage them in more active lives.


To connect generations simply and easily.

Well Connected

A virtual community that offers phone and online activities that build community through group conversations, games, and education.