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In 2018, Partners developed a proven introductory in-person CHW curriculum for Blue Shield of California (BSC) to extend the healthcare workforce. Over the last several years, our organization has transformed this training into an asynchronous, on-line learning course. With the addition of one Adult Education and Workforce Training, the course has been approved by Los Angeles Community College District as a Certificate of Completion course and is currently provided at Los Angeles Valley College (LAVC).

Partners’ staff developed the CHW curriculum with Rush University’s Center for Health and Social Care Integration (CHaSCI). Partners is carrying  our partnership with CHaSCI forward to develop a CHW Supervisor Course. We have also partnered with Care Coordination Services (CCS) to provide two 80-hour in-person CHW trainings (one in Southern and one in Northern California).

With the ongoing support of our educational partners, we are aligning our online CHW Training Course with the CHW Core Consensus Project (C3) competencies for Community Health Workers. This will prepare those who complete the CHW Training Track for state certification when the pathway is opened by the California Department of Health Care Access and Information (HCAI) in mid-2024. Following certification, CHWs will be able to bill Medi-Cal for Heath Related Social Needs (HRSN) services. Further, following the finalization of the curriculum we will have it translated into Spanish and will offer bilingual support to participants.

Prepare Your Staff for CHW Certification

The State of California continues to face substantial workforce shortages across many health professions. They have identified the need for 25,000 new Community Health Workers before 2025, with specialized training to work with varying populations, such as justice-involved, people who are unhoused, older adults or people with disabilities. In response, the Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) have released billing codes for Community Health Workers allowing your agency to be compensated for valuable Social Determinants of Health services.

Why Train Your Staff with Partners?

  • Level up your staff to get paid for the vital services they are already providing
  • Champion your staff in gaining the knowledge and skills to better support the people they serve
  • Help your staff understand their role in CalAIM and the revision of Medi-Cal
  • Work with our expert staff to design a training course that will provide the information and skills to your direct care workers to improve their services and increase their billing ability
  • CHW Supervisor training coming soon!

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