Medication Management

Medication problems are the major driver of hospital visits and admissions in the United States. According to Georgetown University’s Health Policy Institute, more than 131 million Americans use prescription drugs. Those aged 50 to 64 on average use 13 different medications, with the number jumping to an astounding 22 prescriptions for individuals 80 and older.

Partners has been a leader in addressing medication issues since the 1990s through both HomeMeds and HomeMeds Plus. Each of these programs seeks to understand what medications – including over the counters and herbals– a person is taking, determine if there are any harmful interactions between them, learn how they are taken, and if a person is faithfully adhering to the prescriber’s instructions.

Each of those steps is necessary to pinpoint how, if at all, medications are contributing to any medical problems. Coupled with existing SDOH issues, the combination of factors can be powerful indicators of hospital visits, poor recovery, or admission to a medical facility.

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