Learn how social isolation, loneliness, and the digital divide are impacting older adults during COVID-19. This presentation features insights from Scott Kaiser, MD Chief Innovation Officer Motion Picture & Television Fund and Laura Trejo, MSG, MPA General Manager City of Los Angeles Department of AgingPresented March 25, 2021

The latest information provided on 3/4/2021 by physicians Dr. Nie and Dr. Das from the Los Angeles County Department of Public Health’s Acute Communicable Disease Control Program, Healthcare Outreach Unit.

On June 6, 2019, June Simmons was honored by LAAAC as its “2019 Champion.”

Sharon Feinman, Division Director, AgeWell at The JCC, discusses the benefits of HomeMeds. Video courtesy of AgeWell at The JCC, Pittsburgh, PA)

The Vital Importance of Care Transitions. This video describes the powerful results of community care transition program administered under the Affordable Care Act and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services.