Private Duty Services

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Private duty In-home care is one of the greatest long-term needs for seniors with complex health issues or for those who are unable to attend to themselves. It provides critical, quality, home-based care, and living support services for individuals and their family to remain independent in their own homes, which include but are not limited to: Respite services, personal care services, homemakers’ services, and more.

Through CalAIM/Medi-Cal, we are proud to provide both Caregiver Respite Services and Personal Care/Homemaker services. We would be happy to discuss these services with any Health Plan interested in offering these services to its members in California.

What we do:

  • Provide a Network of Home Care Organizations who provide professional Non-Medical Homecare Service Assistance for all Activities of Daily Living
  • Provide respite care for family caregivers
  • Provide Individualized Summary Form upon conclusion of services
  • Provide a Home Care Aide which matches patient and family needs
  • Have the ability to modify care schedules as needs change
  • Each Patient has ongoing supervision and support

Benefits of Private Duty Services

  • Help prevent no gaps in care
  • Provide much needed relief for family caregiver
  • Reduce acute care facility readmissions and improving overall patient outcomes
  • Promote independence at home and aging in place
  • Cost savings for health care organizations

Our Respite Services:
Providing a break for family caregivers.

Short-term/temporary relief for family caregivers, allowing family caregivers to take time away from caring for loved ones (which already tends to be unpaid) without compromising the quality of care

Provide support system for family caregivers, addressing caregiver burnout and allows for caregiver to recoup and take a break or tend to matters outside of caregiving

Wide range of caregiving services, provided by professional caregivers, may include specialized services such as dementia care.

Temporarily substitutes professional caregiver for family caregiving duties. Common tasks include: laundry, light housekeeping, medication reminders, meal preparation, assistance with activities of daily living.

Our Personal Care Services:
Helping people age in place


Most common type of care for individuals with chronic conditions, physical disabilities

To ensure individual’s safety, comfort, and well-being.

Experts skilled in assisting with tasks, including physical assistance

Primarily assist with Activities of Daily Living (ADL)

Our Homemaker Services:
Helping people live safely at home.

Type of care that helps cover basic tasks and activities that individuals find difficult to perform on their own.

To ensure individuals are not put at risk for losing their independence at home.

Experts with skills in providing essential assistance with non-physical tasks

Primarily assist with Instrumental Activities of Daily Living (IADL)

Who We Are

Partners utilizes and manages a statewide network of service providers. We provide all of the administrative services so that our providers focus on the member care. As needed by payors, we have the experience, relationships, and ability to create “scalable” specialty networks.

  • Coordination and management of network of Home Care Organizations (HCO)
  • Large geographic coverage
  • Oversight and review of licensing and certification
  • Quality Assurance (Partners is NCQA-accredited) and oversight of providers
  • Single point of entry for all referrals
  • Streamlined reporting and billing
  • Our network providers are experienced with many years of service in the community
  • With over hundreds of culturally and linguistically appropriate Home Care Aids
  • All Network Providers are licensed Home Care Organizations (HCO) through the Home Care Services Bureau (HCSB), under the California Department of Social Services
  • All caregivers are registered Home Care Aides (HCA) with HCSB
  • As of January 2016, California law established the Home Care Services Consumer Protection Act which requires HCOs to be licensed and creates a public online registry for HCAs who have been background checked and have gone through mandatory training.
  • “Home Care Organization” or “HCO” means agencies that are licensed businesses that employ HCAs and send them to the home of Member to provide in-home non-medical care.
  • “Home Care Aide” or “HCA” means Provider staff who are registered as a HCA with the State of California Home Care Services Bureau and may provide non-medical home care services and assist Members with Activities of Daily Living.