California Health Innovation Center℠  ( CHIC℠ )

The California Health Innovation Center℠ (or CHIC℠) focuses on the innovation, development, and implementation of health care services and of health improvement programs. An arm of the Partners in Care Foundation, CHIC℠ is a platform used by the agency to build and house partnerships with for-profit organizations in support of its mission. Historically, it has assisted in the development of evidence-based and chronic disease self-management programs used to aid individuals in learning how to control the impact of their health conditions through actions they can take themselves.

These programs are now in regular use by the Community Wellness division of the Partners in Care Foundation. The California Health Innovation Center℠ is the home of the California Evidence-Based Health Promotion Initiative which creates local and statewide partnerships aimed at promoting health through enhanced education to manage risks of injury and on-going health concerns. Success is achieved through tested programs that improve the quality of life for Californians.

CHIC℠ is also the home of the agency’s research arm, which is currently undertaking an initiative to reduce fall risks with Blue Marble Health.