Gain Greater Control of the Home-Based Risks You Can’t See

Partners Community Care Hub supports your practice and patients with social care coordination.

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What it does for the PHYSICIAN:

  • Peace of mind that medical care isn’t undermined by social circumstances or drivers outside your control.
  • Supports patient care through social care management.

What it does for YOUR STAFF:

  • Frees up their time to focus on a patient’s medical care needs as Partners arranges for the patient’s social care needs – staff extenders
  • Reduces staff stress.
  • Aids staff retention and reduces costly and disruptive staff turnover.

What social care coordination does for YOUR PATIENTS:

  • Transportation for both medical and nonmedical needs.
  • Meals (beyond limited basis).
  • Food and nutrition resources.
  • Services supporting self-direction.
  • Private duty care.
  • Housing navigation.
  • Medication inventory and assessment.
  • Chronic disease self-management programs (including diabetes and pain).
  • Fall prevention and movement programs.
  • Structural home modifications.

What social care coordination does for the overall HEALTH SYSTEM:

  • Reduces ER utilization.
  • Reduces hospital admissions and readmissions.
  • Helps people stay out of a nursing home.
  • Helps people succeed in their own home.

One contract with Partners Community Care Hub provides access to a full and robust network of social care agencies located throughout California. We:

  • Oversee the unique and local community-based organizations that are well-known and trusted in their communities.
  • Handle agency credentialing.
  • Provide social care training.
  • Provide or supervise social care management.

For more information, contact:

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732 Mott Street, Suite 150
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