Our Leadership Staff

Partners’ success could not be achieved without its most important asset – our caring, professional, and hard-working staff. We deeply value the contributions of each and every one of our strong team.

June Simmons – President and CEO

Alexis Cisneros Chief Financial Officer

Alicia Guerra Supervisor, ECM

Allyson Simpson, Senior Director, Development

Aloyce Rachal Senior Director, MSSP

Amy Adams Director, HomeMeds Training and Technical Assistance

Andrew Calderon Manager, Analytics

Angela Martinez Nurse Care Manager Supervisor, HCBA

Anne Cossentine Director, Finance

Anne Ly Senior Director, Network Contracts & Systems Management

Anwar Zoueihid Vice President, Long Term Services & Supports

Briana Hathaway Vice President, Human Resources

Christy Lau Senior Director, Community Wellness Department

Dalila Perdomo Supervising Care Manager, MSSP Lynwood

Dianne Davis Vice President, Community Wellness, HomeMeds and Workforce Development

Diana Huerta Cervantes Supervisor, HCBA

Diep Luu, Manager, Communications

Ester Sefilyan Vice President, Short-term Services and Supports and Community Care Hub

Francisco Moreno Supervising Care Manager, MSSP Lynwood 

Irma Shirvanian Senior Director, Information Technology

Jason Moriarty Senior Director of Quality and Regulatory Compliance

Jessika Lopez Supervisor, ECM

Jonathan Chuan, Director of Analytics, Finance

Joy Guihama Director, Community Wellness

Karen Brown Program Manager, ECM

Karen Schneider Vice President, Development

Lusine Dzhimbashyan Supervising Care Manager, MSSP San Fernando

Margo Trone Grants Manager

Marielena Rivas Director, Community Care Hub

Marlene Nelson Supervising Care Manager, MSSP Bakersfield

Martha Delgado Director, Care Coordination (Short-term Services and Supports)

Melissa Foster Supervisor, ECM

Michelle Meza Supervisor, Short Term Services and Supports

Patrina Croisdale Senior Director, HHP

Paty DeCamp Director Business Systems

Patty Flores Supervisor, MSSP Santa Barbara

Rachel Crizer Supervisor, HCBA

Raymond Morales Regional Manager, ECM

Rebecca Holik Senior Director, Network (Short-term Services and Supports)

Regina Arvizu Branam Supervisor, Short-term Services and Supports

Renee Ochoa Supervising Care Manager, MSSP Lynwood

Rita Avidikian Supervisor, HCBA

Russell Donahue Vice President, Marketing & Business Strategy

Sal Perez Director, MSSP Kern and Santa Barbara

Seng Neth Supervisor, Short-term Services and Supports

Shad Cruz Director, CalGrows & Workforce Development

Shamael Ali Supervisor, HCBA

Sheila Ochoa Supervisor, Engagement Center

Silvia Moran, Director, Home and Community Based Alternative Waiver

Sirenia Trevino Supervisor, Short-term Services and Supports

Stephanie Varela Regional Supervisor, ECM

Sylvia Whitaker Operations Manager & Executive Assistant to June Simmons

Tiffany Cook Supervisor, Short-term Services and Supports

June Simmons