An Information Technology Journey

Why and How the Partners in Care Foundation Undertook an Upgrade of Its Existing Information Technology System

At the beginning of our journey, the Partners in Care Foundation lacked adequate IT systems to support several evolving programs, specifically for Care Management, Care Coordination, and Hub services. Additionally, the agency lacked the ability to see and analyze data at an organization-wide level. This impacted our goal of continuous quality improvement, affected service model evolution and an ability to provide the necessary tools for strengthening the agency’s position as a Community Care Hub.

An Information Technology Journey is not just an account of the work undertaken to implement the upgrades necessary to address those needs. It is both a step-by-step roadmap available to other Community-Based Organizations needing to update their IT systems, and a source of RFP, RFQ, and tracking templates that will be invaluable to others planning a similar project.

You may access the document here, and freely use the materials associated with it.

We do ask that you credit the Partners in Care Foundation whenever quoting or distributing any of the information or documents associated with An Information Technology Journey.

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