Presentations and Webinars

July 2023

Ester Sefilyan – Aligning Health and Social Care Through Community Care Hubs and Networks – USAging Annual Conference and Tradeshow

June 2023

Natalie Monden – HCBA – LA Care MLTSS & CMT Teams

June Simmons – No Wrong Door: Coordinating Health and Social Care to Improve Community Well-Being – Academy Health Annual Research Meeting

Patrina Croisdale – How to Co-Manage an Individual With Complex Needs – Connect the Dots Learning Series / HMA/HealthNet

June Simmons – Aligning Social Care and Health Care – Age+Action Virtual Conference

June Simmons – Social Work Interview – NASW

June Simmons – Panel: The Healthcare Industry and SDoH Post Covid, – Moderated by Taylor McPartland – State of HealthCare – Post Covid -SCALEHEALTH

June Simmons – SDOH – 2023 Annual Research Meeting

June Simmons – Partnering with social services providers to address patients’ health-related social needs – APG Spring Conference

May 2023

June Simmons – Partners in Care Foundation: Medicare Advantage: Innovations in Social Care “Hub Work

Ester Sefilyan – Establishing Service Lines Part 2: Real-life examples of CCH health care contracted programs – ACL CCH Learning Community Network Development Track Meeting

June Simmons – Partners in Care Foundation – Beverly Hills Health and Safety Commission

April 2023

Eric Hazzard – CalAIM PATH/CITED Webinar for MPA Stakeholders – CA Dept. of Aging

June Simmons – Community Hubs: Creating Sustainable Pathways to Address SDOH – ACMA 2023 National Conference

June Simmons – Connect Summit – FindHelp

June Simmons – Better Together: Collaborating with Community-Based Organizations to Advance Health Equity – RISE Medicaid Managed Care Leadership Summit

Eric Hazzard – Harnessing the Power of data Exchange to Support Care for Older Adults: Gaps and Opportunities – Archstone Foundation

March 2023

June Simmons – Building the New Social Care Delivery System: A conversation Hosted by FindHelp – A conversation Hosted by FindHelp

Patrina Croisdale – ECM Overview – Antelope Valley Hospital

Patrina Croisdale – ECM & ALW – Los Angeles Service Housing Authority

Ester Sefilyan – Working with community care hubs to address social drivers of health -Unite Rhode Island Steering Committee

June Simmons – The imperative of aligning social care and health care – Eli Lilly

February 2023

Ester Sefilyan – Establishing Service Lines – ACL

Ester Sefilyan – Establishing Service Lines – National Learning Community Network Development Track

January 2023

Anwar Zoueihid – Collaboration to Improve Equity and Reduce Disparities for LTSS and Dually Eligible Population: Best Practices, Resources, and Opportunities – MLTSS and Dual Equity Peer Learning Day

Ester Sefilyan – Community Care Hubs Working to Address Housing Needs – ACL CCH Learning Community Expansion Track Meeting

December 2022

Aloyce Rachal – Supporting and Enhancing Independence Through MSSP – Personal Assistance Services Council

November 2022

Anwar Zoueihid – ECM & CS Impact on SNFs

Anwar Zoueihid & Ester Sefilyan – Personal Care and Homemaker Services and Caregiver Respite
Community Supports (DHCS)

Dianne Davis – Voices of Change – GTMRx (podcast)

June Simmons – Care Coordination and Social Determinants of Health – Association of California Healthcare Districts

June Simmons – Integrating Community Care Hubs into Efforts to Address SDOH – Manatt Health

October 2022

June Simmons – Examples of Working Models that Integrate Community Services in Medicare Advantage (or Private
Payors) C-TAC

September 2022

Ester Sefilyan – Design & Build a Community Care Hub to meet rising demand for social care services

June Simmons – CalAIM Implementation Issues (2022 Los Angeles State of Reform Health Policy

Dianne Davis & Russ Donahue – Value Propositions and Outreach (NCOA Collaborative)

June Simmons – Partners GPO Offerings (APG GPO Meeting)Anwar Zoueihid – ECM LTCF Pop of Focus

Dianne Davis – Payer and Provider Strategies for Last Mile Care – Bright Spots in Healthcare (podcast)

August 2022

June Simmons – Innovators Who are Disrupting Healthcare
Transforming Care

June Simmons – The Transformation to population health outcomes (HRMA Summer Conference)

July 2022

Anwar Zoueihid – CalAIM Community Supports: Collaborating to Transform the Safety Net and Drive
Health Equity

June 2022

June Simmons – Embedding Equity into Federal Policy: Progress and a Path Forward

Ester Sefilyan, Dianne Davis, and Amy Adams – Control Medication and SDOH-Related Readmissions
through HomeMeds 3.0 and care Transitions (NCOA Age+Action 2022)

Christy Lau – MOB-V One Year Later…Outcomes and Lessons Learned (NCOA Age+Action 2022)

May 2022

Natalie Monden & Angela Martinez – Hospital to Home Programs – Los Angeles Department of Aging’s Aging and Disability Resource Connection (ADRC)

Anwar Zoueihid – CalAIM Update – C4A

June Simmons – Accelerating Health Equity – AHA Community Health Improvement

June Simmons – From Plan to Action: Implementing Big Bold Ideas on Alzheimer’s and Dementia (Milkem Institute 25th Global Conference)

Ester Sefilyan – Partnering with CBOs to support hospital transitions and address SDOH – ACMA

April 2022

June Simmons – United for Good: Bringing CBOs, MCOs, and Healthcare Providers together to impact positive change – Medicaid Managed Summit

Anwar Zoueihid – CalAIM and MLTSS Dual Integration Workgroup – DHCS

Natalie Monden – Partners Long Term Support Services – Santa Monica Medical Center

March 2022

Natalie Monden – Home and Community-Based Alternatives Waiver – Personal Assistance Services Council

June Simmons – The Unprecedented Investment in Home and Community-Based Services CAHP

Ester Sefilyan – The Future of Networks is Social – Creating Pathways to Sustain SDOH Services

Anwar Zoueihid & Jason Moriarty – CalAIM 102 Community Supports: Leveraging Aging & Disability Partnerships – CalAIM building capacity, ECM Network, how to contract with MCO’s

Anwar Zoueihid & Jason Moriarty – CalAIM Lessons Learned and Operational Experiences -NCOA

February 2022

June Simmons – LAVC Training as Community Partnership – APG HESJ Collaborative

January 2022

June Simmons – Making the Business Case for Health Social Work – SSWLHC

December 2021

June Simmons – LAVC Training as Community Partnership – APG HESJ Collaborative

Dianne Davis – Examination of Medication Errors and Medication Management – Texas Healthy at Home

November 2021

June Simmons – State and National Update – CA Healthier Living Coalition

Ester Sefilyan – Workshop Care Transitions Intervention (CTI); Bridge Model; and HomeMeds program; Hospital-to-Home transitions – ADRC Workshop #1: Care Transition Models – Workshop 

June Simmons, Ester Sefilyan, Ray Woosley, MD, PhD – Addressing the Social and Medical determinants of Health for safe medicines use – GSA

June Simmons – Aligning Social Care and Health Care – HLC/ RAH

October 2021

June Simmons & Heather Brungardt – What Does It Take? Social Work’s Role in Addressing SDOH – Society for Social Work Leadership in Health Care

June Simmons – Making the Business Case for Health Social Work – Society for Social Work Leadership in Health Care – Panel

June Simmons – Innovative approaches to addressing SDOH for Medicare Advantage Beneficiaries – BMA Summit Virtual Session

June Simmons & Gordon Johnson – Social Determinants of Health – How they affect your operations and bottom line – HFMA

June Simmons – Change Strategies – Health Care Execs of Southern CA

September 2021

Anwar Zoueihid & Natalie Monden – Addressing Social Determinants of Health and Access to Care – Molina Cares

August 2021

June Simmons – SDOH Planning & Implementation – A Case Study with Blue Shield of California – Open Minds Management Best Practices Institute

July 2021

Ester Sefilyan – Keys to Building a Successful Community Integrated Health Network Business Institute Intensive – Virtual Conference

Ester Sefilyan & Russ Donahue – Data and Stories as a Value-Add to your Value Proposition, Part III – Business Institute Intensive

June 2021

Ester Sefilyan – Elevating Food as Medicine – Everytable Virtual Conference

May 2021

June Simmons & Ester Sefilyan – Financial Acumen for Network Lead Entities – n4a Think Tank NLE Virtual

April 2021

Ester Sefilyan – We’re Gonna Need a Bigger Boat: Building and Sustaining Your Network – ASA Virtual Conference

March 2021

June Simmons – How to Address Your Patient’s SDOH Needs: Building SDOH Solutions for a Medical Practice – America’s Physician Groups (APG) Virtual Presentation

February 2021

June Simmons – A CBO’s Perspective on Creating Contracts with Healthcare – Insight Exchange Network 

Christy Lau – The Hidden Surprises in Your Medicine Cabinet -Wellness Wednesday 

Christy Lau – Nutrition Education for All – Wellness Wednesday 

January 2021

Christy Lau – How Well Connected Are You? – Wellness Wednesday 

Christy Lau – Success in Chronic Disease Self-Management – Wellness Wednesday 

December 2020

Christy Lau – On Your Own Doesn’t Mean Alone – Wellness Wednesday 

Christy Lau – Stepping Up Your Nutrition – Wellness Wednesday 

November 2020

Christy Lau – Eat Better, Not Less – Wellness Wednesday 

Christy Lau – Passion for Preventing Type 2 Diabetes – Wellness Wednesday 

October 2020

June Simmons – Now is the time! COVID-19 highlights the importance of SDOH collaboration between healthcare and community agencies – “Health Care Social Work in the 2020’s….Charting A New Course” conference – Society for Social Work Leadership in Health Care

Christy Lau – Dignity at Home Fall Prevention Program – Wellness Wednesdays

Christy Lau – Pillmap for Medication Management – Wellness Wednesdays

June Simmons – Changing Practice in the Face of Epidemic – Society of Social Work Leaders in Health Care 

June Simmons – An Overview of Partners Programs and Services – America’s Physicians Groups 

Dianne Davis – Exploring Housing-Based Health Care Partnership Models for Vulnerable Populations in Los Angeles – SCANPH 

September 2020

Ester Sefilyan – Responding to Evolving Contracting Opportunities: How to Get Your Network Ready– n4a Aging and Disability Institute Virtual Conference

Ester Sefilyan – Technical Assistance on Quality and Credentialing from an Existing Network (PAH)– presented to Coordinated Care Alliance Network (out of Illinois)

Dianne Davis – Social Isolation and Loneliness – SHIELDS

June Simmons – Networks and Closed Loop Referrals – WellSky

Russ Donahue – Networks and Closed Loop Referrals – WellSky

Christy Lau – Play Bingo for the Health of It – Wellness Wednesdays

Christy Lau – Fall Safety Prevention Tips – Wellness Wednesdays

June 2020

June Simmons – Spotlight on Covid-19-Related Innovations, presentation to congressional staff and thought leaders – Better Medicare Alliance (BMA)

Ester Sefilyan – How to Ready your Organization for Designing and Building a CBO Network; A Strategy to Meet the Rising Demand for Social Services – ASA Virtual Summit

June Simmons – Addressing the Social Determinants of Health Through Tech Platform Collaborations: Opportunities and Challenges – NCOA Age = Action Virtual Conference

Dianne Davis – Integrating Evidence-Based Programs and Social Determinants of Health for Increased Community Wellness – NCOA Age = Action Virtual Conference

Christy Lau – Many Hands for Senior Health: How the Paramedics, a Non-Profit, a Hospital, and the Public Library Started a Movement – NCOA Age = Action Virtual Conference

Dianne Davis – Medicaid Strategies for Payment of Health Promotion and Disease Prevention Programs – NCOA Age = Action Virtual Conference

Allison Goforth – Bingocize®: An Evidence-Based Health Program to Improve Quality of Life and Promote Community Engagement – NCOA Age = Action Virtual Conference

Dianne Davis & Christy Lau – Embedded Health Coach in a Geriatrics Practice and working with Community Partners facilitates EBP enrollment – NCOA Age = Action Virtual Conference

Christy Lau – Talking the Same Talk: Making A Matter of Balance Accessible Through Translations – NCOA Age = Action Virtual Conference

Sandy Atkins – Medicare Learning Collaborative, n4a Business Institute

May 2020

Dianne Davis – Exploring A Housing-Based Health care Partnership Model for Vulnerable Populations in Los Angeles – Southern California Association of Nonprofit Housing (SCANPH) & UCLA Ziman Center for Real Estate

April 2020

June Simmons – Ensuring Continuity of HCBS During the Covid-19 Pandemic – ACL/CMS

June Simmons – Managing SDOH for Individuals during the Covid 19 Outbreak – USC Med School

Sandy Atkins – Caregivers Training – Blue Shield of California

March 2020

June Simmons – Community Networks – Evidence-based Solutions to address Medications Issues in the Home and Community – OS/ONC

June Simmons – Scaling Networks of Community-Based Organizations – ACL Summit

June Simmons – Care Transitions – California Hospital Association

Ester Sefilyan – Information Table – California Hospital Association

Sandy AtkinsCovid 19 – Blue Shield of California

February 2020

Christy Lau – Falls and Injury Prevention: 7 Steps to Safety & Independence – Magnolia Towers Housing

Anwar Zoueihid – Medi-Cal Healthier Living California for All -CalDuals

Ester Sefilyan – Technical Assistance on roles and responsibilities between the hub & network partners -Coordinated Care Alliance/Illinois

January 2020

Anwar Zoueihid – Population Health Management Strategy and Plan Enrollment – CalAIM Workgroup

Anwar Zoueihid – NCQA Accreditation – CalAIM Workgroup

Anwar Zoueihid – Enhanced Care Management – CalAIM Workgroup

Anwar Zoueihid – Contracting With CBOs for Network Services – CSH HHP Partnership

Allison Goforth – Participation in Master Plan on Aging – California Department on Aging

December 2019

Dianne Davis – Updates from California Department of Aging – California Healthier Living Coalition

November 2019

June Simmons – Partnering With the Community for SDOH – APG Colloquium

October 2019

Barbara English, Maria Avila, Maria Cordova and Monica Pesqueda – MSSP Program – Santa Barbara Senior Expo

Dianne Davis – Successful Housing-Based Care Coordination for Vulnerable Populations – SCANPH Annual Conference

Sandy Atkins – Using Medicare Physician Billing Codes to Support CBO – Aging and Disability Institute

September 2019

Christina Camargo and Eunice Chen – Falls Prevention – 3rd Annual Torrance Senior Health Fair

Christina Camargo, Mayra Rodriguez, and Jasmine Morales – Chronic Disease Self-Management – Casa de Los Amigos Health Fair

August 2019

Sandy Atkins – Using Medicare Physician Billing Codes to Support CBO Partnerships & Address SDOH – ASA

Dianne Davis – What’s Hot in Public Health – Louisiana Aging Network Association

July 2019

June Simmons – Align Incentives with CBOs to Improve Quality and Reduce Costs – Government Health Care Congress

Amy Adams and Sandy Atkins – HomeMeds – 2019 n4a Conference

June Simmons and Sandy Atkins – A Change Agent in Community-Based Care published in Generations – ASA

June 2019

June Simmons – SDOH – 2019 LAAAC Conference

Ester Sefilyan, Virginia Carone & Anwar Zoueheid – Exhibitors – 2019 LAAAC Conference

Dianne Davis – What’s Hot Now in Healthcare – 2019 NCOA Conference

Christy Lau – MA Supplemental Benefit Policy Reform – 2019 NCOA Conference

May 2019

Anwar Zoueihid – SDOH and Connecting with CBOs – CA Association of Health Plans

Sandy Atkins – HomeMeds Demo for Summit Health Care

Sandy Atkins & June Simmons – HomeMeds Demo for ZurickDavis

Dianne Davis – Social Determinants Overview for Shield HealthCare

Sandy Atkins & June Simmons – HomeMeds Demo for APG

Dianne Davis – Health Self-Management to PAH

Sandy Atkins – Social Determinants and Community Integration – CHA Rural Hospitals

April 2019

June Simmons, Anwar Zoueihid, Ester Sefilyan – APG Annual Conference

Dianne Davis – Social Isolation and Loneliness Among Older Adults – Aging in America Conference

June Simmons, Ester Sefilyan, Sandy Atkins – HomeMeds Coach Plus Health System Pharmacists Improve Outcomes After Discharge Home – Aging in America Conference

Dianne Davis – Increasing Access to Evidence-Based Programs for Providers and the Community – Aging in America Conference

Sandy Atkins – Blazing the Trail for Successful Partnerships Between CBOs and Health Plans – Aging in America Conference

Dianne Davis – Models of Collaboration to Prevent Falls – Aging in America Conference

June Simmons – Changing Medicare Payment Policies – Aging in America Conference

March 2019

Sandy Atkins & June Simmons – HomeMeds – ZurickDavis

Sandy Atkins & June Simmons –Health Happens at Home: Home Visits for Medication Safety – APG

Ester Sefilyan – Annual Award Ceremony and Fundraising – Justice in Aging

Ester Sefilyan – Impact of Care Transitions Intervention and Bridge Model Intervention on Readmissions – San Fernando & Santa Clarita Valley’s Quarterly Coalition (HSAG)

February 2019

June Simmons – Managing Care Transitions for Greater Value – CA Hospital Association

Anwar Zoueihid – Partnerships to Address SDOH – APG Southwest

June Simmons – Partners Overview – Memorial Care

June Simmons & Ester Sefilyan – General Membership Meeting – APG