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Partners’ Evidence-Based Program for Medication Management.

Medication-related problems can lead to many issues resulting in frequent emergency room visits, rehospitalization, and worse.

HomeMeds℠ is an invaluable evidence-based tool for identifying potential patient medication-related errors through medication screening during in-home visits by care coordinators or community health workers.

The software’s proprietary algorithm can identify hazardous drug interactions, any fall risks or confusion related to possible inappropriate psychotropic medications, and any cardiovascular issues related to medication use.

HomeMeds medication safety program is proven to cut costs and save lives

HomeMeds addresses medication-related problems that endanger the lives of a high percentage of older adults living at home, which can result in unnecessary and costly emergency room visits and hospital readmission.

The Partners’ evidence-based program helps to monitor medication adherence for chronic illnesses and reduces hospital rehospitalization and saves lives by inventorying all prescribed medications, over-the-counter pharmaceuticals, herbals, and supplements in the home. The HomeMeds software then identifies any unnecessary therapeutic duplications and assesses for potential adverse effects before it alerts a pharmacist for a review and issues a report including suggested modifications.

How HomeMeds works:

  • Community-based organizations arrange for a pharmacist (or geriatric nurse practitioner) to review and respond to potential medication problems identified at an in-home screening
  • Partners in Care Foundation trains staff and assists with implementation planning
  • Partners’ contracted pharmacists can support HomeMeds in most states
  • Special arrangements are available for shared training and statewide or regional licensing
  • Partners offers an affordable fee for planning and training, setup, technical assistance and the license to use the online medication risk assessment software

Partners’ is continuously working on upgrades to improve user experience for our clients. For information on the latest updates to our HomeMeds Software, CLICK HERE

As part of our quality and improvement process, we are pleased to have a panel of leading physicians, pharmacists and academics serving as the HomeMeds Advisory Panel. To learn who these individuals are, CLICK HERE

HomeMeds Success Stories:

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Dianne Davis, VP of Partners’, discusses Partner’s HomeMeds Program and how it can help reduce medication related injuries and saves lives

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Dianne Davis, Partners’, VP of HomeMeds, was a featured panelist in the Bright Spot in Health Care Podcast. Dianne and other healthcare leaders discussed payer and provider strategies for last mile care.

Dianne Davis, Partners’ VP of HomeMeds, was featured on the GTMRx Institute Voices of Change Podcast to talk about our evidence-based program HomeMeds, medication management, establishing supportive services that enable high-risk populations to achieve optimum functioning, and more!

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