Success Story: Helping a Senior Taking 17 Prescriptions Reduce Dizziness and Falls

Last Updated February 23, 2023

HomeMeds℠ is a Partners’ evidence-based program for identifying potential patient medication-related errors through medication screening. This medication management software helps to reduce emergency room visits, risk of falls, use of high-risk medication, and hospitalization readmission, which can often be costly.

One of HomeMeds licensees is the Kenneth Young Center, a non-profit organization that provides services for youth and seniors in the community. They utilize the evidence-based program to help their senior members better manage their medications to live more independent and safer at home.

They recently conducted a HomeMeds assessment with an 83-year-old participant that experienced frequent dizzy spells and falls. Her health conditions include congestive heart failure, hypertension, osteoarthritis, end-stage renal disease, and more. She reported shortness of breath, extreme weakness in her legs, and had trouble standing for longer than five minutes. At the time, she was taking 17 prescribed and over-the-counter medications. After a care coordinator conducted the assessment, the participant received a pharmacist notice that alerted her to the fact that one of her medications was contraindicated for someone with congestive heart failure. In fact, the medication was known to make symptoms of congestive heart failure worse! The pharmacist proposed modifications and her medications were adjusted accordingly. The member now notices less dizziness, confusion, and better balance control after switching medications, as well as switching physicians. She expressed a high amount of gratitude for the HomeMeds service and now feels more confident and safer with her new medication prescribed.

HomeMeds helps organizations like the Kenneth Young Center and their members better understand the medications they are taking through an in-depth assessment and review process. If HomeMeds sounds like a service your organization should be considering, please visit  or email

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