Introducing HomeMeds 3.0

Besides observing the continued well-being of your patients and clients, your team could be enjoying these benefits of the improved HomeMeds 3.0 software:

  • A more robust search engine for medications, conditions, and allergies utilizing Medi-Span,
  • Reporting enhancements that include date ranges,
  • A more accessible user interface,
  • The utilization of a platform which provides the potential to integrate with other software through APIs,
  • Significant dashboard updates,
  • A tiered site structure for multiple site access for single user accounts, doing away with the need for multiple user accounts for the same user, and providing easier user account administration,
  • An improved security and built-in password standards,
  • Easier data entry and navigation,
  • An improved and updated FAQ section,
  • More up to date search capabilities for physicians and pharmacies from the national Medicare provider database,
  • Email notification(s) directly to Pharmacist(s) when alert(s) are generated,
  • Accommodations so that past assessments (data history) will be available to access for a three-month period after the launch of HomeMeds 3.0,
  • Pharmacies and providers listed on the patient report.

For more information on HomeMeds or to request a demonstration, please contact: