Nursing Month Staff Spotlight: Hung Vo

Last Updated June 14, 2022

Hung Vo is a Partners’ RN Case Manager under the Home and Community Based Alterative Waiver Program.

Hung started his career as a Palliative Care Field Nurse that worked directly with geriatric patients. He took his experiences in geriatrics and brought them to Partners. He not only works under the HCBA team, but also assists with the Assisted Living Waiver (ALW) program as a RN Care Manager and conducts assessments and refers many of his employee referrals to Partners.

He goes above and beyond his traditional nursing duties by actively listening to his patients’ needs when crafting their medical trajectory. He recalls a time when a patient with throat cancer communicated their desire to be reunited with their dog, who was placed in an animal shelter when they were admitted into the hospital. Hung listened to the patients concerns and took active steps outside of his role as a nurse to ensure that the patient was eventually reunited with their dog. He understood that there are many factors that can contribute to improving a patient’s health outside of the hospital, and by facilitating the reunion, it allowed the patient to finally shift their concerns to their health and focus on treatment and recovery. 

He finds working at Partners rewarding and is grateful to the HCBA team and his supervisors for their constant support and encouragement. Hung is an asset to the Partners team, and we are proud of the work he has done to ensure quality care for our participants.

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