Nursing Month Staff Spotlight: Angela Martinez

Last Updated June 14, 2022

Angela Martinez is an RN Supervisor for Partners’ Home and Community Based Alternative Waiver Program. She joined the agency in October 2018 as a Care Manager, and has since advanced into a leadership position, overseeing other RNs in her department, and presenting on training topics for all programs within Partners like ECM, MSSP, Network, and more!

She understood that there is a broad spectrum of Nursing specialties and careers, and each area has its own benefits and challenges. Angela joined Partners because she was looking for something other than traditional nursing. She praises the agency and especially her team members for always going above and beyond for participants, and ensuring that their safety, and individual care needs are met. She reflects, “Partners showed me the benefit of person-centered care, and made me feel valuable outside of doing direct/bedside treatment.”

Helping others comes natural to Angela. She is a team player, and we are proud to have her as an RN supervisor, leading and mentoring new and young nurses!

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