Jasmin Espinoza Honored for Employee of the Month

Last Updated November 9, 2021

Congratulations! Jasmin Espinoza, RN, has been chosen as one of our two Employees of the Month. Jasmin started her career with Partners in 2013 as a temporary employee. She started her RN career at Partners with the Face-to-Face Community Based Adult Day Health Programs (CBAS) conducting assessments both in person and telephonically during COVID 19. She was able to form relationships with several CBAS centers and their program directors/staff, always completed and reviewed assessments on time for the health plans, helped assist with training of newly hired RN’s, and was able to manage a large caseload.

Jasmin has also served as a Guest Healthcare Professional for the Community Wellness Department’s A Matter of Balance workshops. She’s shared her expertise with many of the older adults we serve around Los Angeles. When working with the Assisted Living Waiver (ALW) she conducted detailed RN assessments for ALW eligibility and always followed up with ALW members to ensure their questions and needs are addressed. Currently, she has been assisting with the growing HCBA program and has become a truly valued asset to the team.

Her communication skills and cheerful demeanor has made her a treasured member of the Partners In Care team.

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