Erika Ramirez Honored as May 2023 Employee of the Month

Last Updated May 15, 2023

Congratulations to Erika Ramirez on her selection as one of May’s two Employees of the Month. Erika’ joined Partners in September 2022 as a Community Linkages Specialist. Currently, her focus is on supporting growth in the MSSP program, where she works closely with the MSSP South team in focused outreach activities.

Erika does this as a liaison between Partners’ MSSP, community residents, health care, government, and social service systems. Most recently, Erika organized and presented at an educational webinar on MSSP for nearly 100 members of the California Hospital Association.

Erika is a team-oriented worker, has an excellent capacity to retain new information, and possesses strong communication skills. We see Erika holding an instrumental role in the growth of MSSP, and hope to utilize her skills and relationships to increase participants in all Partners programs.

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