CEO June Simmons Featured on Community Conversations Podcast

Last Updated January 12, 2022

Partners in Care Foundations’ CEO and President June Simmons is one of the nation’s leading experts on healthcare, and she had the great pleasure of joining Jonathan Weedman on the Community Conversations podcast. June discussed her background in the healthcare industry, and shared her unique perspective, knowledge and understanding about the most urgent issues facing healthcare in our world today.

We are exceptionally grateful for the opportunity to have June guest speak on Jonathan Weedman’s podcast. Jonathan Weedman is the former Senior Vice President of the Wells Fargo Foundation and in 2012, was named among the 500 most influential business leaders in Los Angeles by the LA Business Journal. His weekly podcast features interviews with distinguished Los Angeles Community Leaders from the nonprofit, arts, foundation, corporate, civic, and political world. They are extraordinary individuals with extraordinary stories to share, and Partners is proud to have June amongst the group to share her story and bring to light the great work the agency is doing for the community.

You can follow his podcast on Youtube HERE

Any opportunity for the media to feature a story on Partners in Care Foundation, is an opportunity to highlight all the incredible care coordinator services we offer to assist individuals lead longer, safer, healthier, and fuller lives.

We thank the development team and communications team who made this successful and informative discussion with Jonathan Weedman possible.

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Direct Youtube Link to June Simmons’ Episode:

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