Quality Department Great Catch Award: Delilah Naranjo

Last Updated November 24, 2021

Partners is pleased to announce the Great Catch Award. Every month the Quality Department will award one staff member the GREAT CATCH AWARD for submitting a QIR that improves the safety or effectiveness of the work we do here at Partners. Any incident, major or minor, is eligible for the award. We thank every one of our staff members for the time and effort it takes to bring these issues to the agency’s attention.

For the month of October, the GREAT CATCH AWARD goes to Delilah Naranjo. Delilah is a Community Health Worker that reported a complaint from a member regarding their Primary Care Provider (PCP). Delilah worked tirelessly to assist this member in getting a referral from their PCP for physical therapy. After numerous attempts with no success, Delilah worked with the member to get a new PCP and a follow-up appointment with their surgeon to determine the extent of physical therapy needed.

We recognize your excellent work, and we celebrate this ongoing contribution to improving quality.

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