Brightening a Young Boy’s Life –

Partners at Work in the Community

Jason Carson was born with multiple medical concerns requiring 24/7 care and supervision. His parents felt overwhelmed by all the programs available, and unsure about which one would provide their 9-year-old with the best care. Early in 2021, Jason was enrolled in Partners Home and Community Based Alternative (HCBA) Waiver Program and was connected to a Partners social worker. They provided Jason’s parents with important information and referred them to available services including the In-Home Support Services (IHSS) program, which provides in-home assistance to people in need, and the Regional Center, which supports those with developmental disabilities and their families. Jason’s dad said because of these services, his son’s abilities began improving and he was as bright and lively as a rainbow. Prior to Partners, Jason was consumed by dark clouds as he struggled with his medical needs, but now, he is even considering returning to school to socialize with friends. Jason is grateful for having an additional support system for his parents as his care needs evolve.