Our Staff Members

Alexandra Cisneros – Vice-President, Finance

Alexandra is responsible for all fiscal affairs at Partners, plus operational and program related finances. She has a passion for numbers, and a long history working with nonprofits. .

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818.837.3775 x 107

Aloyce Rachal – Senior Director, Health Services

Aloyce runs the Multipurpose Senior Services Program (MSSP) for Kern County, LA South and LA North, as well as external care management programs for several health plans. She started her career as a guidance counselling for young people, but discovered her passion for working with seniors when she began working for MSSP as a care manager. At the weekend, you’ll most likely find her riding her bike at the beach.

“Working with elders is enormously fulfilling. I truly love what I do.”

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818.837.3775 x129

Amy Adams - Director, HomeMeds Training and Technical Assistance

Amy has spent her career working with older adults and their families in fields including Alzheimer’s care, Assisted Living, Senior Transportation and an Area Agency on Aging where she initially implemented the HomeMeds program. She holds a B.S. in Gerontology from the University of Northern Colorado. As the HomeMeds Training and Technical Assistance Director she is responsible for on boarding new sites that are interested in the HomeMeds program, which include planning, implementation, training, and technical support. When not working she loves hiking, skiing, playing volleyball and traveling with her family.

“I love being part of the innovative programs and services Partners offers because they have real impact on individuals and caregivers in the community.”

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Andrew Calderon – Network Manager

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818-837-3775 x 123
Cell: 818-967-1964

Anna Kesablyan – MSW Supervisor HCBA

Anna oversees SW and RN case managers in the Home and Community Based Alternatives Waiver. The program allows medically fragile individuals to receive medical care and support in the comfort of their home or in a community setting.

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Cell: 818-967-0316

Anne Ly – Director, Network Contracts and Systems Management

Anne’s role is to oversee the process of contracting from first introduction to rollout and completion. Her career and passion comes together in the health care arena, where she has gained over 12 years of experience managing programs in non-profit and community settings. Anne has worked in collaboration with organizations in government, academic institutions, health plan providers, managed care consortiums and private industries. She considers herself an amateur painter, an average bowler, but the world’s best mom to her two pugs.

“Inspired by Partners’ goal to shape a new vision of health care, I am afforded the great opportunity to positively impact the quality of life and the quality of care for the community. “

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818 837 3775 x 153

Anwar Zoueihid – Vice President, Health Services

Anwar oversees direct service contracts at Partners, including Post-Acute Hospital Discharge Services and Case Management Services. His team serves three state-funded Multipurpose Senior Services Programs (MSSP) in Los Angeles and Kern County, three federally-funded Community Care Transition Programs (CCTP) for Los Angeles, Glendale and Kern County, and multiple private health plan and physician contracts. Working in partnership with hospitals, managed health plans, and physician groups, Anwar also manages private contracts that provide in-home evaluation and care management services. In the rare moments in between, he can be found indulging his passion for car design, exercise, cooking, and spending time with family and friends.

“I found my passion to do this when I was in college and my father became disabled. I was able to get supports in place for him, and then used the knowledge to help friends’ parents. I became a social worker without realizing it. Every single day I look forward to coming to work, and every night I fall asleep happy that I work for an organization that really helps people. It’s what drives me.”

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818. 837. 3775 x 137

Armando Rivera - Director, Supervising Care

Armando joined Partners in February 2017 as the clinical supervisor of our Santa Barbara MSSP site. He comes with 8 years of MSSP supervisory and leadership experience from Cen Cal Health. Armando appreciates working with his team of MSSP social workers and nurses strengthening safety at senior population at home. In his spare time, Armando is busy with his family and is involved in local community events.

“I’m passionate and committed to providing quality care and services to seniors within the community.

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Briana Hathaway – Senior Director, Human Resources

Briana has been at Partners for 15 years. She is involved in just about everything, including recruiting, team building, management training, payroll, and staff development.

“When I arrived here in 1999, we had 10 people. Now we have a staff of nearly 180, and a truly diverse culture and staff demographic. Our staff speak Korean, Tagalog, Mandarin, Spanish, Farsi, Russian, Armenian and Arabic, to name just a few. It’s been so exciting to be part of that growth.”

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818.837.3775 x 109

Christy Lau – Senior Director, Community Wellness Department

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818.837.3775 x159

Dianne Davis – Vice President, Community Wellness Department

Dianne oversees Partners’ evidence-based, community wellness programs, which help people to better manage their chronic illness through goal setting, healthy eating, and exercise. Dianne majored in Dance undergraduate and then pursued a Master’s in Public Health. She worked in managed care contracting for 15 years where she developed an interest in population health. As a qualified yoga teacher, she is Partners’ most flexible member of staff.

“I came to Partners’ after seeing June Simmons give a presentation about the critical work of community-based care providers and the importance of building sustainable networks of care. Having spent many years seeing the benefits of physician networks, I was really inspired by her words.”

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818.837.3775 x 116
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Ester Sefilyan – Vice President, Partners at Home Network

Ester supervises multiple contracts in the Health Services Department, including hospital, physician group, and health plan contracts, ensuring compliance and deliverables are met. She started at Partners in 2007 as an intern, quickly rising to case manager and then supervisor for the Multipurpose Senior Services Program (MSSP), before her appointment as Senior Director for Health Services. Currently, Ester oversees the CCTP, CBAS and HomeMeds Plus programs.

“If we’re lucky, aging is something that happens to us all. We shouldn’t have to worry about what will happen to us when we get old, or if we become disabled. Our work at Partners makes a real difference in people’s lives. That’s what makes me get out of bed in the morning.”

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818.837.3775 x 106
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Francisco Moreno – Director, Community Wellness Department

Frank supervises the Glendale area Community Care Transitions Program, managing referrals, reporting, and communication between the three hospitals partnering in the program. He has a Master’s in Public Health from CA State University Long Beach and a BA in Spanish Education. A sports and fitness fan, when he’s not cheering on the Rams, the Dodgers or the Lakers he can be found training for his latest marathon, or trying to keep up with his young son.

“I am in the field of social work because I enjoy the ability to improve the lives of the people that we work with. There are a lot of like-minded people at Partners – we have a passion for what we do.”

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818.837.3775 x 198
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Giovanni Perez – Supervisor HHP

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Irma Shirvanian Director – Information Technology

Irma has over 25 years working and managing Information Technology services. Throughout her career, she has been involved directly and indirectly in every department within IT.

“My job is to make sure that all IT services work smoothly behind the scenes so our staff can concentrate on serving our clients and being the heroes they are. If our team ends the day without once thinking about IT, I have done my job right”

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818-837-3775 x168
Cell: 747-500-4154

Karen Schneider – Vice President, Development

Karen Schneider has been involved in fundraising most of her life both as a volunteer and as a professional. With an MBA in Non-Profit Management, she has extensive experience in board and volunteer relations/development, cultivation and stewardship of major donors, strategic planning and has raised in excess of $80 million in annual campaigns. Karen networks extensively, enjoys building new relationships and re-establishing older ones.

“My passions are in both medicine and education. I look forward to working with friends and supporters of the Partners in Care Foundation to further their mission and continue their success.”

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818.837.3775 x 121

Kirsten Martin – Senior Director, Quality Assurance

Kirsten oversees the delivery of the CBAS Face-Face program, and HomeMeds℠ Plus program. She began her career in health care during college, as a research associate at the University of Colorado Cancer Center, and prior to joining Partners, built on that early experience in a variety of for profit settings.

“I was drawn to Partners’ community-based approach to health care – the provision of a continuum of care outside of the hospital that focuses on the individual not just the illness. That has been the critical missing link that we’re able to bridge.”

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818 837 3775 x 118

Lusine Dzhimbashyan – MSSP Supervisor Care Manager, Health Services

Lusine has over 10 plus years of experience in the field of social services and has been blessed to work with various diverse and multicultural populations. Working with the elderly has allowed her to grow in many aspects of her life, which she is thankful for.

“To care for those who once cared for us is one of the highest honors.”
― Tia Walker.

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818-837-3775 x104

Marlene Nelson – Supervising Care Manager Bakersfield

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Natalie Monden – Director HCBA

Natalie Monden, MSW oversees the Home Community Based Alternatives Waiver program (HCBA), Assisted Living Waiver (ALW), and California Community Transitions (CCT) Program. All three programs are designed to help those with medical fragilities to receive their nursing care at home or within a community-based facility. She began her career in New York City, working with children through teaching, therapy, and child-welfare. Since her move cross-country, she has been working with Partners in Care Foundation where she has had the great opportunity to learn and understand the programs, resources, and challenges faced by our older adults. But most important, using innovative ways to secure the overall needs of our most vulnerable populations. As a form of self-care, she spends time reading and engaging in outdoor activities with her family.

“Communication is the key to understanding and change.”

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818-837-3775 x103

Patrina Croisdale – Director Health Homes Program

Patrina oversees the Health Homes Program (HHP) across the Los Angeles, Riverside, San Bernardino and San Diego counties. HHP is a long-term care management program that focuses on addressing social determinants of health in high utilizers of emergency room and inpatient services who struggle with multiple chronic conditions, mental illness and homelessness.

“My passion for serving the community stemmed from being a caregiver to my grandparents for 8 years and working with our nation’s veterans and active-duty military in multiple non-profit settings. Through PICF, I still work with warriors who are fighting a different kind of battle- mental illness, chronic conditions, and multiple barriers to gaining long-term housing. The resiliency and spirit of hope within our members keeps me motivated each day to find solutions in addressing complex barriers within our healthcare and housing systems.”

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818-837-3775 x 179
Cell: 747-999-7792

Paty DeCamp – Operations and Compliance Manager

Paty works under the direction of the Vice President of the LTSS/Health Services supporting all the programs (MSSP, HCBA and HHP/LA, I and SD) in the Operations and QI mechanisms/dynamics.

“Since I came to the United States, I developed passion to work for the community. I feel very happy and proud to work for the Partners in Care Foundation. This organization has become my family. It makes me very happy to see and share everyone’s accomplishments. I appreciate our members and feel satisfy when we can help them to feel better.”

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818-837-3775 x 144

Raymond Morales – Supervisor HHP San Bernardino

Regional Supervisor for the San Bernardino, Riverside and San Diego county (Health Homes Program)

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Cell: 909-725-7994

Renee Ochoa – Supervising Care Manager Lynwood

Renee has her undergraduate degree from Mount St. Mary’s College in 1989. She was Associate Student Body President of Mount St. Mary’s College from 1988 to 1989 (Doheny Campus). She later completed her Masters’ degree in Social Work from Cal State University of Long Beach.

“I have enjoyed much of my leadership skill building and it has led me to where I am at this time, as a Supervisor Care Manager. I have enjoyed much of my leadership abilities in organizing, advocating for seniors and more importantly working with seniors and doing what I truly love. I am currently at the MSSP South office and I truly enjoy my work, all of it and plus more.”

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213-738-8320 X 306
Cell: 747-300-7069

Rita Avidikian – Supervisor HCBA

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818-837-3775 x143
Cell: 818-967-0194

Russ Donahue – VP Marketing & Business Strategy

Russ provides marketing, communications and business strategy advice and support to the Partners team. He has 30+ years of marketing and communications experience in healthcare and a Masters’ degree in Healthcare Administration.

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Cell: 818-923-4135

Sal Perez – MSSP Supervising Care Manager, Health Services

Sal has worked at Partners since 2010. He has a background working with at risk youth and their families as a therapeutic behavioral specialist and family facilitator. His interest in working with diverse populations and focus on community collaboration has led him to work with some of the frailest members of the population throughout LA County. He has an MA in Social Work from California State University, Northridge.

“I rely on the values and ethics of social work to engage with older adults, caregivers, families, organizations and communities in the commitment to peace and social justice. Attention to the growing aging population is taken seriously at Partners. Its mission is the benchmark for community-based services.”

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213.738.8320 x230

Salman Mogaddedi – Supervisor Network

Salman is responsible for the Face 2 Face Program which determines CBAS eligibility as well as the Engagement Center which is responsible for enrolling members in Self-Health Management programs, In-Person Workshops along with outreach to members in the Health Homes Program.

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818-837-3775 ext.147
Cell: 310-744-0674

Sandy Atkins – Vice President, Strategic Initiatives

Sandy has worked at Partners for over 11 years. She is the key contact for Partners’ nationally-recognized HomeMeds℠ program, and works closely with Partners’ CEO, June Simmons, to provide strategic guidance to the organization. Prior to joining Partners, Sandy was Program Director of USC’s Center for Long-Term Care Integration.

“The health care industry has changed dramatically over the past few years. There’s finally a realization that if we’re to see improved outcomes and reduced costs, then health care can’t end when a person leaves hospital or their doctor’s office. Partners is a critical component in the continuum of care – because health happens at home.”

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818 837 3775 x 111
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Seng Neth – Supervisor Network

Seng currently supervises the UCLA Medical Group program, L.A. Care, Anthem, and Blue Shield contracts. He started at Partners in 2013 as a transitions coach, then went on to become a lead coach at UCLA hospitals, and finally to supervisor in 2019.

“I found my passion to help the elderly when both my grandparents became ill and was in and out of the hospital. Today working with my colleagues in helping the elderly is what motivates me to get up every morning.”

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818-837-3775 X140
Cell: 310-367-7497

Shad Cruz – Clinical Manager LTSS

Shad ensures that clients served by the Partners Long Term Supportive Services Division are receiving the best quality care. He achieves this high standard by seeing to it that staff members are trained in the best practices for their position and are supported in all the work they do. Shad holds Masters’ degrees in social work and gerontology and is also a certified yoga instructor.

“My family has been in the social services field for four generations, starting with my great -grandmother Carmen. I am proud to continue this heritage by dedicating my life to the service of those most in need.”

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Cell: 747-500-4323

Sylvia Whitaker – Operations Manager & Executive Assistant to June Simmons

Sylvia has a dual role at Partners in Care – juggling the responsibilities of being Operations Manager, providing oversight and communication for facility issues throughout the organization – with her role as Executive Assistant to June Simmons. In her rare moments of down time, she loves to spend time relaxing with family and friends in the hot climes of Palm Springs.

“In November 2015 I will celebrate 30 years working with June. To have the opportunity to see Partners grow from just a handful of staff, offering a few programs, to the size and scale of what we have today is an experience for which I’m truly grateful.”

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818 837 3775 x 102

Tiffany Cook – Supervisor Network

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