UniHealth Foundation Funds Los Angeles Alliance for Community Health and Aging to Expand Health Interventions

Last Updated May 23, 2022

Partners in Care Foundation has received grant funding from UniHealth Foundation, a non-profit philanthropic organization, to help support the work of the Los Angeles Alliance for Community Health and Aging (LAACHA). LAACHA was co-founded in 2013 by the County of Los Angeles Public Health Office of Women’s Health, the City of Los Angeles Department of Aging, County of Los Angeles Community & Senior Services, Kaiser Permanente and Partners in Care. Its aim is to expand the reach of evidence-based health self-management interventions for people with chronic conditions across L.A. County.

The grant will provide funding for a manager, who will be tasked with coordinating with LAACHA members to ensure that workshops are accessible to the most vulnerable and high need populations. They will also help build a workshop referral network, create new strategic relationships with health payers and providers to support the widespread adoption of evidence-based health self-management programs, assist in coordination of LA County trainings, and assure program fidelity.

Speaking about the grant award, Dianne Davis, Senior Director, Health Self-Management Services at Partners in Care said, “We are immensely grateful to UniHealth Foundation. It will allow LAACHA to expand the reach of these programs, which are being increasingly recognized by health systems, employers and insurers as an important part of effective disease management.”

UniHealth Foundation, is a non-profit philanthropic organization whose mission it is to support and facilitate activities that significantly improve the health and well-being of individuals and communities within its service area.

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