June Simmons and Sandy Atkins Publish Article in the First Issue of Generations.

Last Updated May 23, 2022

The American Society on Aging is funded by the SCAN Foundation, Gary and Mary West Foundation, Marin Community Foundation and the Colorado Health Foundation to produce publications (Aging Today articles and an annual supplement of the Generations journal), a conference, and monthly webinars in collaboration with n4a – all in support of the Aging and Disability Business Institute.

Read the first annual edition of The Generations Field Guide, containing 14 articles covering an overview section, next steps and challenges in building high-value partnerships, and managed care models. The final article – The Common Denominator: A Secret Sauce for Success – written by Partners’ President and CEO, June Simmons, and Vice President, Sandy Atkins, discusses how to build successful partnerships with healthcare payers and providers.

Article abstract: For sustainability, community-based organizations (CBO) must establish partnerships with healthcare payers and providers. Vanguard CBOs share high tolerance for risk, employ staff with cross-sector perspective, and recruit board members from healthcare. They immerse themselves in concerns of healthcare colleagues by participating in healthcare associations and educating themselves, attending webinars and conferences. Successful partnerships start at the top, but staff from both sides need to buy into the benefits enough to bear change and extra work. If CBOs are willing to meet healthcare more than halfway, they can achieve expanded impact.

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