Roman Sarhad Honored as Partners’ November Employee of the Month

Last Updated November 9, 2022

Congratulations to Roman Sarhad for receiving Employee of the Month for November 2022. Roman has been with Partners for over 4 years. As our IT Service Desk Technician, he is one of the first points of contact during new hire onboarding.

Roman is always looking for ways to increase department efficiencies. He loves a good challenge. As a matter of fact, the more complicated the problem the bigger the smile on his face, especially after he solves it. Roman’s contribution to the department goes beyond his assigned responsibilities. He trouble-shoots network, server, firewall related issues and more.

Some might not know, but Roman comes from a TV and Radio production environment and thus brings deep video and audio editing skills and expertise. Because of his skills, we had very successful virtual events such as our Halloween party and Year End celebration party of 2020, GSWEG graduation event, and more. Roman also made significant contribution towards our SharePoint site initial implementation and he is now in charge of our intranet’s design and development.

Congratulations to Roman!

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