Recognizing May as Older Americans Month

Last Updated May 2, 2024
Outdoor Group Portrait Of Senior Friends

Partners Recognizes May as Older Americans Month

Where would we be without our seniors?

So much of this agency’s focus is on caring for older adults. Our waiver programs – MSSP and HCBA – are important tools that help the fragile remain in their home. Our care transitions programs enable individuals to safely leave an institution and return to their residence with a lessened likelihood of having to return due to health-related social needs. The community wellness team teach seniors how to prevent falls, safely exercise, and manage chronic conditions. HomeMeds makes sure that medication errors are caught so don’t lead to falls, or medical complications. And the Long Term Service and Supports team are guardian angels who aid in myriad ways – from helping find the homeless a place to live, to making sure there is food in the refrigerator and that a ride is available for the next appointment with a doctor.

None of this would be possible without the Partners in Care Foundation staff. It doesn’t matter whether you are in direct social care or are part of the agency’s support functions. Every role is important as each allows the agency to provide crucial services to those in our care.

On behalf of every older resident in our care, thank you for the excellent skill and attention you bring to work with you each and every day.  Without you, there are people in our community whose lives would be harder.

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