“My coach found every resource I needed ‐ and it wasn’t easy!”

Last Updated May 23, 2022

A Bodfish, CA resident gave Coach Ida a run for her care transition money. In his 60s with multiple chronic conditions and recovering from addiction, he needed post‐discharge food, transportation and legal aid. The Bakersfield meals on wheels program didn’t cover his area, so Ida had to find another non‐profit organization that delivers meals to the homebound to serve him. Rides to his medical appointments in town were arranged with All American Transportation, in cooperation with his Kern Family Medi-Cal plan and physician.

During their first follow‐up call, the coach discovered that an angry ex‐spouse was threatening the security of his living situation through legal action against his home. He couldn’t afford a lawyer so she recommended Greater Bakersfield Legal Assistance, which provides free legal services to clients aged 60 and older. She gave him the best contact person there and coached him on how to most clearly explain his situation and desired outcomes. His legal case is still in progress, but he’s got the defense team he needs to protect his quality of life. The food and transportation support, plus some education on managing his conditions, have all empowered him to enjoy better health. He is most appreciative of his coach’s help and very satisfied with his decision to participate in the program.

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