Monica Guerra Honored

Last Updated July 21, 2021

Monica Guerra has been chosen as one of Partner’s two Employees of the Month for July. A program coordinator with the Home Community Based Alternatives Waiver, her primary role is as a Treatment Authorization Request (TAR) Specialist. She began with HCBA in January 2019, and immediately reduced our TAR adjudication turnaround time, and improved the processing and delegation of forms. Her experience with utilization review helped us develop systems and practices enhancing our quality management and compliance despite a growing census. TARs are a critical component to the HCBA Waiver. Because of Monica’s experience as an LVN, her expertise is crucial in reviewing and evaluating these complex forms with benefits for other LTSS programs as well. Her commitment to quality and effective communication skills have served to expedite throughput and allowed her to serve independently in addressing provider concerns and questions. Partners has been commended as a Waiver Agency, specifically due to Monica’s efficiency and knowledge. Monica will research and self-educate to prepare for any challenge, and ensure each project is completed efficiently and promptly. Monica is a significant and valued member of her team and the agency. Congratulations!

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