How a little information can go a long way to improving health outcomes

Last Updated May 23, 2022

Access to reliable transportation is a major concern for many seniors, who can often find it difficult to attend medical appointments. Here’s how a visit from a care transitions coach helped one senior solve the problem.

Shamael, one of Partners’ care transitions coaches, recently visited Howard, a patient at Ronald Reagan UCLA Medical Center in Beverly Hills.

Howard, who lives in the San Fernando Valley, told Shamael he was having trouble affording the costs of getting to and from his medical appointments, and was spending upwards of $50 per ride on taxies. Immediately, Shamael was able to allay his concerns and provide an easy solution – Cityride – a transportation assistance program for individuals age 65+ and qualified disabled persons, which runs in the City of Los Angeles and select areas of Los Angeles County. The program offers reduced costs for the purchase of City of Los Angeles permitted taxi rides and Cityride Dial-A-Ride services.

Shamael printed the Cityride application form for Howard, right there in his home, and showed him exactly what information he needed to submit and where to mail the application. Howard was clearly very relieved to have found a solution.

But as appreciative as Howard was, Cityride couldn’t solve his immediate transportation predicament, which was to attend a doctor’s appointment that day. Howard mentioned to Shamael that his grandson had installed the Uber app on his phone, but that he didn’t understand how to use it. Shamael showed Howard how the app worked, and together they connected to a local driver who was able to take him to his appointment on time.

“I was so worried about transportation,” commented Howard at the end of the visit. “I’d have missed my appointment if you hadn’t been here. Thank you.”

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