Honoring Marlee Rangel as Employee of the Month for November 2023

Last Updated November 9, 2023

Each month we recognize two outstanding staff members for their top quality work and team building.  These successes reflect their deep caring about our crucial Mission to touch the lives of those faced with great challenges with health conditions made worse by poverty and other vital social factors.  We all thank you and salute you for excellence in a world of complex social and climate challenges where caring services are so important to supporting new pathways and easing suffering for so many.  Below you will see the stories of these two staff in their work at our agency.

Marlee Rangel is one of the two employees of the month for November 2023. She is a Transitional coach for the CTC program. She works mostly with Arrowhead Regional Hospital. She has been with Partners in Care for over a year and during that time she has shown remarkable accomplishments and has been an excellent team asset.

Since Marlee started, she has consistently exceeded her monthly and weekly goals. Her hard work was instrumental in helping us sign a new five-year, $1.5 million contract with Arrowhead. Marlee truly has outdone herself and is a star. Another strength of Marlee’s is her leadership skills. She goes above and beyond to help her teammates and takes the initiative to ensure everything is running well. Marlee is organized and determined, and her future is bright. She’s not only an inspiring peer model but also an exceptional employee. Marlee has become an expert on resources in San Bernardino and has been able to connect patients with resources for food, transportation, caregiving, DME, mental health, etc.

She recently helped a woman get a wheelchair by calling the hospital several times a day to follow up until they found the referral. She ended up linking her client with a wheelchair, food, mental health, and a cancer support group.

This is typical of the work Marlee does each day with her patients. Congratulations, Marlee, on your success.    

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