Honoring Kayla Casarez as Employee of the Month for June 2024

Last Updated June 13, 2024

Congratulations to Kayla Casarez for being one of the two Employees of the Month for June 2024.

Kayla Casarez started at Partners in February in a new role for the agency, the Training Center Success Coach, for which she has proven to be excellently suited. Her experience as an Embedded Tutor at the LA Community College District has given her the patience and teaching skills to support our Community Health Workers (CHW) in training with expertise and compassion. Her work as a family advocate gives her a direct understanding of the challenges many of our participants face as well as strategies to overcome them. Even during her brief time with the agency, she has endeared herself to our CHW trainees who sing her praises and made herself an indispensable element in the Training Center’s success. We are lucky to have her supporting our learners and contributing to the agency’s mission of increasing access to quality healthcare by training the workforce of tomorrow. We are thrilled to recognize your outstanding performance with the Employee of the Month award.  Congratulations, Kayla!

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