ECM At Work: Donations to Participants

Last Updated June 13, 2024

Partners’ Enhanced Care Management (ECM) Team gathered on Tuesday, June 11th for a special donations project. ECM care coordinators and supervisors collected shipments of clothes, shoes, personal hygiene products, personal protective equipment, blankets, baby items for birth equity, and lots more to be donated to ECM participants, most of whom are low income or unhoused.  

Stephanie Valera, ECM Manager, reflects, “Items like these are instrumental in helping our participants improve quality of life and supporting the family members that provide care, all while addressing social determinant factors that impact their chronic conditions and living situation.”

Thank you to all the care managers that came out to help with packing and distribution, and a special shoutout to Melissa Foster, Yadira Mena, and Simon Colon!


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