Health Coaching – Evelyn’s story

Last Updated May 23, 2022

Coach Traci met Evelyn, 71, at home shortly after her release from hospital. Traci made a list of all Evelyn’s medication – prescribed and over-the-counter – and submitted to MyMeds for review.

“Although I found Evelyn’s home to be clean and free from safety hazards, I noticed that her difficulty walking made using the bathroom a challenge” notes Traci. As a result, Traci provided information about obtaining a raised toilet seat, which has now been delivered to Evelyn via The Durable Medical Aid Society. She also followed up with Evelyn’s PCP regarding a wheelchair and a leg compression support, both of which were subsequently delivered. During conversation, Traci discovered that Evelyn, a former manicurist, was struggling to get by on her meager social security income. Traci submitted an application to MAPS Charities, which aids seniors living in Los Angeles County who require temporary funds and/or services to enhance their quality of life and facilitate their ability to remain at home. MAPS provided a monetary award to cover a gas bill and a $100 gift card to purchase food.

Sadly, Evelyn passed away just a few weeks ago. Traci received the following email from Evelyn’s niece and caregiver:

“Dear Traci, I wanted take a moment to say thank you for your assistance with my aunt through the hardest times I faced with getting help/necessities for her. I am so appreciative of this service. I can’t put into words what it meant to not only get your assistance and guidance; your personal touch and kindness made the process so much easier! You knowledge was welcomed with open arms. My aunt was so happy to know I had someone helping me when I needed it. She felt she was such a burden to me. I would not have traded our time together for anything! Thank you again for all you do and what you have done for us!”

Partners in Care Foundation uses “patient activation” models of health coaching to provide tailored support dependent on a patient’s knowledge, skills, ability, and willingness to manage his or her own health and care. Some patients are self-starters and all they need is connection to resources, while others need information, motivation and follow-up to close the gap. Here is the ninth of a series of stories about patients who have received health coaching over recent months. All names have been changed to protect patient confidentiality.

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