Celebrating Lunar New Years 2022

Last Updated May 23, 2022

Tuesday, February 1, 2022, marks the start of the Lunar New Year! This special day signals the first day of the new moon and the start of a new year according to the lunisolar calendar.  

Lunar New Year started over 3,800 years ago during the Han Dynasty (202 BC – 220 AD) when Emperor Wudi approved a calendar reform that fixed the beginning of the year on the day of the first new moon. It is also known as “Beginning of Spring” because this time was historically meant for farmers to have a break from their year-long hard labor to rest and spend time with their families, and then be ready to resume work refreshed for the new agricultural season.

Over 1.5 billion people celebrate Lunar New Year worldwide as it is the largest annual holiday in the year for many Asian cultures. This year is the year of the Tiger! The zodiac sign, Tiger, is a symbol of strength, exorcising evils, and bravery. This year will bring extraordinary luck and happy moments to the horses and the dogs, signs that are traditional allies of the Tiger.

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Many countries see Lunar New Year as the most important day on the calendar, so home and family become the principal focus of the day. Generations of families would travel to celebrate with one another. Common traditions during Lunar New Year includes honoring heavenly deities and ancestors to pray for good health, wealth, and prosperity, watching lion and dragon dances to chase away evil spirits and negative energy, and handing out red envelopes with small amounts of money to friends and family members to pass on good luck and share blessings with.

Celebrating Lunar New Year in 2022

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Whether you’re celebrating a long-running family tradition or experiencing the holiday for the first time, join the New Year festivities for a year of good luck and fortune.

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