Cassandra Manfre Honored As January Employee of the Month

Last Updated January 12, 2022

Congratulations to our January Employee of the Month Cassandra Manfre. She is currently a Project Manager and joined Partners in Care Foundation’s Community Wellness Department in 2013 after completing her internship with the agency through the Geriatric Social Work Education Consortium (GSWEC).  Her first-hand experience with GSWEC has enabled her to understand the important role of a supervisor for students to grow into their professional careers – a role she has served in guiding interns from many of GSWEC’s participating universities.  Cassandra also manages Partners’ Administration for Community Living Falls Prevention grant, through which she works with community partners in ten counties to spread and sustain evidence-based falls prevention programming. 

Nationally, Cassandra is recognized as one of MaineHealth’s selected Lead Trainers for the Matter of Balance program – a role that allows her to show her skills as a trainer to build infrastructure for the program in organizations nationwide.  Within Partners, many have had the privilege of working with Cassandra as her skills extend to areas including marketing, strategic planning, and quality assurance. 

We are proud to celebrate the work of Cassandra! We thank you for your fine work and community spirit!

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