Healthy Moves


Healthy Moves℠

An evidence-based program that enhances frail elder health and quality of life through simple, safe, easy exercises.

Healthy Moves for Aging Well℠

In a one-on-one proven intervention delivered in the comfort of your home, your trained coach will conduct an initial fitness test, a falls assessment and an exercise training session.

Follow-up to encourage ongoing commitment to your new exercise regimen occurs through a series of motivational phone conversations throughout a three-month period.

Builds strength, increases flexibility and reduces the risk of falls.

Exercises as simple as arm curls, stepping-in-place and pointing and flexing the ankle can have surprisingly impressive results in improving a frail senior’s range of motion, basic stamina and movement stability. That in turn empowers them to comfortably succeed in daily activities like holding a grandchild, grocery shopping, pouring milk from a carton and getting the mail.

Helps frail older adults maximize their independence.

A key component of Healthy Moves is the coach’s motivational support. It helps the client set goals related to physical health and plan next steps for incorporating exercise into everyday living. The coach also fosters dedication and expresses appreciation for effort made. The physical activity objective is to exercise three to five times a week at a safe and comfortable level.

The evidence says it all!

“The exercises are good for my legs, to make them more flexible.”

“I love doing my exercises because I can just sit in my chair and work out!”

“I’m delighted with the simple exercises you showed me.”

For more information:

Contact our Community Wellness Department, 818-837-3775

We can license the Healthy Moves for Aging Well program to your organization and arrange training for your care managers, or you can refer your senior clients directly to us.

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