“She was full of information about useful resources and was ready to help us right away.”

Last Updated January 11, 2021

Magda* was born and raised in Transylvania, Romania. Eighteen years ago, at the age of 70, she moved to the US to be near her family. Magda had always enjoyed good health until, in August 2014, she was diagnosed with an intestinal tumor. The news was devastating for her and her family. Used to being independent, Magda struggled to go about her daily life, and was particularly upset that she could no longer pursue her passion for gardening.

Fortunately, Magda’s condition was treatable and the tumor was removed before the cancer spread. But she, and her family, still needed support to ensure that she made a full recovery. Shortly after discharge from the hospital, Magda was visited by Meg, a Partners in Care transitions coach. The coach acts as a doctor’s “eyes and ears” in the home, helping patients and their caregivers to find solutions to problems that might inhibit recovery, and providing guidance about community programs and services that can assist in supporting them – thus lowering the chances of hospital readmittance.

Magda’s son, Dorian, her main caregiver, was delighted by the advice and assistance Meg provided. “She came to our home a few days after my mother got discharged. We were so pleased with her and the positive energy she brought to our home. She was full of information about useful resources and was able to help us right away. She guided us with information about how to find transportation companies, which made a real difference because we no longer had to worry about the issue of getting my mom to her medical appointments. I explained that my mom was getting forgetful at times, and so she provided us with a simple booklet and showed us how to use it to keep track of the various doctor visits and medications. She also helped us to keep track of when my mom’s vision glasses were ready, and explained how we could find a new dentist close to home. She put so much time and effort into connecting us to resources we didn’t know about.

My mom is now cancer-free and feeling much stronger. She helps us cook, make coffee, and is back to gardening in her yard. Thank you Partners for helping us.”

Indeed, Magda and her son were so grateful, they asked Meg to record a video. All we can say in response is Thank You! We’re so happy that Magda has made such a great recovery.

To find out more about Care Transitions coaching please contact:
Ester Sefilyan, Senior Director, Health Services at esefilyan@picf.org / 818 837 3775 x 106

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