Ryan Lee Honored as June 2023 Employee of the Month

Last Updated June 30, 2023

Congratulations to Ryan Lee for being one of the two recipients of Employees of the Month for June. 

Ryan Lee is Partners in Care Foundation’s new” Data Crunching Machine” joined us in September 2022 as a Data Analyst in the Short-Term Support Services Department (STSS), and then transferred to the Data, Analytics, and Reporting Team (DAR) in February.  Since then, Ryan has continuously expanded his understanding of the various programs, developed additional reporting options, simplified workflows, has undergone departmental changes, and counseled on business decisions. Programs in Ryan’s purview include Care Transitions (Providence CTC, Arrowhead, UCLA) as well as CBAS, and Anthem.  Ryan’s reporting has provided additional insight into the Short Term Supports and Services (STSS) Department’s Anthem Program, providing conversion numbers for the Network member agencies who assist Anthem members across the state of California.  His program knowledge and reporting ability enabled him to develop workflow enhancements for the Providence CTC program, enabling the entry team to not only save on time entering referrals, but improved the accuracy of the data utilized by the team.  We appreciate his willingness to be a part of our team undergoing our company’s structural changes, his work ethic to help with the most basic of tasks like entering referrals, and his courage to speak up when something looks off.  As with all employees at Partners in Care Foundation, we are grateful for each individual and this Month we celebrate Ryan Lee as an employee of the month for June.

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