Partners MSSP on 23ABC News Bakersfield

Last Updated October 11, 2021

23ABC News Reporter Vania Patino interviews 92-Year-Old Tommie Cannon and her Social Work Care Manager, Sandra Bravo, to discuss the positive impact of Partners Multipurpose Senior Services Program (MSSP) on Kern County seniors. This is Tommie Cannon’s story.

Partners MSSP serves at-risk seniors (65+) in need of extra care and services at home. The program provides various resources that cater to participant’s complex health needs to help them live safely and independently.

Tommie Cannon resides in Bakersfield, California, and lives at home by herself. She struggles with Type 2 diabetes, arthritis, low iron, depression, and anxiety. Her life seemed to turn around when she was introduced to Partners MSSP 3 years ago. The program connected her with a Social Work Care Manager, Sandra Bravo, who sees Tommie like a mother to her. Sandra not only provides Tommie necessary information and connects her to services but is Tommie’s support system and go to contact whenever she is feeling lonely and down.

Partners MSSP was able to get her registered and enrolled in the In-Home Supportive Services (IHSS) Program. MSSP provided Tommie with a new mattress and couch to help with body aches from the arthritis and provide her with supplement drinks that she needs but cannot afford for her diabetes. She also now has an emergency response button that she keeps close to her whenever she showers or goes outside. Tommie states during the interview that aside from the material services, the human interaction she receives with Sandra is priceless!

If you haven’t seen the interview on 23ABC News, watch it HERE

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