Health Coaching – Aida’s story

Last Updated May 23, 2022

Aida, 68, has been diagnosed with anxiety and depression. She was admitted to hospital after a hyperglycemic episode and a panic attack brought about by concern over a forthcoming home move. Although Aida is able to walk without assistance coach Traci noted that she was nervous about getting in and out of the bath. “I provided Aida with information about The Durable Medical Aid Society, which has subsequently provided a bath bench” explains Traci. “Aida was apprehensive about changing her pharmacist and receiving her medications for anxiety and depression at her new residence. I was able to find a pharmacy in Castaic, the area that Aida is moving to, which will delivery Aida’s medications once she relocates.”

Partners in Care Foundation uses “patient activation” models of health coaching to provide tailored support dependent on a patient’s knowledge, skills, ability, and willingness to manage his or her own health and care. Some patients are self-starters and all they need is connection to resources, while others need information, motivation and follow-up to close the gap. Here is the ninth of a series of stories about patients who have received health coaching over recent months. All names have been changed to protect patient confidentiality.

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