Elijah “Eli” May Honored

Last Updated September 7, 2021

Congratulations! Eli May has been chosen as one of Partners’ two Employees of the Month. Eli has been with Partners in Care Foundation since 2018 and started with the MSSP administrative management team.  His ability to notice details, learn quickly and master program regulatory compliance needs is why he has become very noticeable to various departments within our agency.  He is a multi-tasker and can manage all his job duties while still making himself available to fill in where there are vacancies within the department and at multiple sites.  Eli was called to temporarily assist in many agency programs and departments, including California Care Transitions Program, Assisted Living Waiver, Home and Community Based Waiver Program, Finance Department and all four Multipurpose Senior Services Program. 

Eli’s ability to take on multiple programs and special assignments at the same time is a true testament of his skills and his dedication and compassion to his work.  Eli is enthusiastic, a “go-getter,” an innovator with a “whatever it takes attitude.” Eli steps up consistently to help others and is always willing to go above and beyond what he is asked to do.   No matter what task he is given, he completes it with accuracy and then provides his ideas of what he feels will improve the process.  Eli is one you can count on.  Congratulations!

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