Telehealth is Innovative Opportunity

Partners’ expertise is in working with people where they live – both at their actual homes and in their local neighborhood.

Through the years we have learned that the home environment has great impact on a person’s health, sense of well-being, and ability to thrive. The same is true of the neighborhood, the services available there, and the many other factors that make it the neighborhood it is.

Collectively, these also drive the social determinants of health (SDOH), and before they became a focus of medical care, we were innovators in addressing the myriad dimensions described by that term.

We have also learned through the years that not everyone wants a stranger in their home, whether out of fear, privacy, embarrassment, thinking the services aren’t needed, or some other factor.

This has led us to develop alternate and remote methods for gathering the important information about a person’s environment that enables us to address the SDOH that prevent an individual from staying healthy in their home or recovering to their fullest potential.

Those alternate methods are just as important in conveying the information back to an individual as we address those aspects of SDOH that impact their lives, well-being, or recovery.

Our innovative approaches include:

  • Remote applications for Healthy Lifestyle and Chronic Disease Self-Management programs
  • Remote access to physician and medical services in our Chronic Care Management (CCM) program
  • Successful integration of the Bridge Model into our Care Transitions Choices program
  • Work on understanding, describing, and addressing the Digital Divide that prevents so many older, poorer, or people of color, from accessing the internet and its services.