SDOH Services Design

Social Determinants of Health Planning and Consulting

Since 1997 Partners’ work has served as a bridge between medical care and what a person can accomplish in their own home. Our two-plus decades of experience managing the gaps in non-medical care impacting a person’s recovery and overall health are available to community-based organizations, health systems, hospitals, medical practices, and health plans interested in developing their own SDOH interventions.

We will partner with your organization putting to work our insights and experience on the design of an effective, evidence-based program that addresses the SDOH needs of your patients and members.

A sample of the areas where our deep experience can help include:

  • Policies and procedure
  • Recommended intervention
  • Resources to implement those intervention
  • Management structure
  • Workflow integration
  • Job descriptions

To start a discussion on how Partners can help, contact:

Russ Donahue 818-923-4135

How to Address Your Patient’s SDOH Needs Building SDOH Solutions for a Medical Practice

This session briefly covers what SDOH is and is not and how to determine the major SDOH needs of a patient population, then move to three options for meeting patient SDOH needs: – Build SDOH response infrastructure within a practice. – Buy SDOH response capacity from CBOs outside a practice. – Blend build/buy options to maximize a practice’s strengths combined with CBO strengths in meeting a patient’s SDOH needs.