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Partners’ Workforce Development Center is training today, the invaluable social care workforce needed for tomorrow.   

This training course is ideal for individuals in the social care field seeking to expand their knowledge in one or more subject areas. We offer online training in English, and Spanish by mid 2024, and it is asynchronous, with required in-person zoom discussion groups and deep dives, which allows for flexibility to learn on your own schedule, within a defined timeframe.

Starting January 1st, we will be scheduling cohorts, or groups of learners, to move through the course together every eight weeks.

Module 1 Discussion groups:

  • January 8, 2024
  • March 11, 2024
  • May 6, 2024

Lessons to Choose From:

Module 1—Introduction to Community Health Worker

1-1: Who are Community Health Workers?

1-2: Community Health in Context

1-3: Insurance, Benefits and Resources

1-4: Community Health Worker Care Coordination Process

Module 2—Community Health Worker Background Knowledge Base

2-1: Health and Chronic Conditions

2-2: Medication Adherence

2-3: Social Risks and Social Needs 

2-4: Caregiving

2-5: Stress and Trauma 

2-6: Mental Health and Substance Use 

2-7: Memory Loss

2-8: Grief and Resilience

Module 3—Community Health Worker Foundational Skills

3-1: Education Skills

3-2: Advocacy Skills

3-3: Communication an Engagement 

3-4: Boundaries and Self-Care Skills 

3-5: Conflict Resolution Skills

3-6: Crisis Intervention Skills

Module 4—Community Health Worker Best Practices 

4-1: Care Team Dynamics

4-2: Field Work and Home Visits

4-3: Telephonic Care

4-4: Community Health Workers’ Code of Ethics

4-5: Safety, Risk and Privacy 


CHW Training

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