Earn Up to $2750 With the Caring4Cal Incentive

Please Note: You must register for Caring4Cal Training Program through Partners in Care Foundation’s portal, as well as on Caring4Cal.org. Register on Caring4Cal.org HERE

Partners’ Registration Portal

The Caring4Cal incentive program pays up to $2750 for individuals who participate in the program.

If you work in-home or are interested in a career providing care in-home and community settings, this training is for you!

Training Info:

  • no-cost training courses that boost care provider skills and accelerate careers.
  • Caring4Cal will provide personal coaching to help set goals, develop an action plan, and stay on track.
  • 23 no-cost training courses that will help you enhance your knowledge and improve occupational skills to prepare you for the workforce. See full list and description HERE.

There are two options for participating in our course, the CHW Training Track and the Professional Development Track.

  • The CHW Training Track organizes all of our course material into modules that build on each other to deepen your learning. It also includes discussion groups where you can meet with our training staff as well as other CHWs to discuss the material. New cohorts start the first week of the month. To register for the CHW Track, CLICK HERE
  • The Professional Development Track is the same material broken up into separate topics so you can choose what to focus on and review as much or as little of the material as you like. The PD Track does not include the discussion groups and you can start at any time. To register for the PD Track, CLICK HERE

Contact Us

If you have any questions or would like additional information, please email our team at trainingsupport@picf.org