When Mom Needs More Than Just a Helping Hand –

Partners at Work in the Community

Lucy Kim was admitted to St. Joseph Hospital after suffering from chemotherapy induced neutropenia. At 84-years-old, this was the latest in a series of medical conditions afflicting her senior years that includes rheumatoid arthritis, ovary and breast cancer, hypertension, severe hearing loss, diabetes type 2, and more. She lives independently but has 3 adult children – 2 boys living out of state and 1 daughter living close by in LA County. Most care responsibilities fall on the daughter, which leaves her feeling burnt-out and overwhelmed from caring for her mother on top of working full time. They were introduced to the Partners’ Care Transitions Choices program that prevented Lucy from being unnecessarily readmitted to the hospital and assisted her daughter in dealing with the demands of Lucy’s care. 

With the help of a Partners coach, they referred Lucy to long term case management under Partners Multipurpose Senior Services Program and increased her IHSS benefits to decrease the care responsibilities on her daughter. These connections helped improve their personal relationship and gave Lucy the best care she needed and to which she is entitled.