Wellness Wednesdays

Join us every other Wednesday for a quick burst of facts and fun, all for your wellness! Tune in for 15-30 minutes each session to learn about topics such as preventing falls, healthy cooking, tips for organizing medicines, and much more. Sessions are presented online using Zoom.

Presentations have included a discussion on Bingocize, Fall Prevention Techniques, and California’s Dignity at Home Program. Presenters have outstanding credentials in their fields.

This every-other-week program is hosted by Christy Lau, Partner’s Senior Director of Community Wellness. Assisting her in organizing each session is the Community Wellness Department’s Project Manager Cassandre Manfre.

If you missed any of the presentations in this series, or would like to watch one another time, please click on any of the links below:

Falls Prevention Awareness and Action

Presented 9.22.21
By Dr. Sheryl Flynn

Learn how to be falls free and independent by understanding all the risks for falls! During Falls Prevention Week, Dr. Sheryl Flynn raises awareness for fall hazards and discusses how to keep at-risk adults, especially seniors, living healthy and independently at home.

Success in Chronic Disease Management

Presented 2.24.2021
by Allison Goforth

Chronic disease self-management programs are evidence-based to give individuals interesting, fun, and powerful tools to live a healthier life. Recent enhancements have made programs more accessible via phone or internet for anyone who might be dealing with an ongoing health condition, such as diabetes, arthritis, heart disease, lung disease, high blood pressure or cancer.

How Well Connected Are You?

Presented 2.10.2021
by Amber Carroll Director

Well Connected programs are a community of participants, staff, and presenters who are passionate about their specialties and value being connected to a community. Programs are accessed by toll-free phone number, computer, tablet, or mobile device. Whether you like zoology, music, meditation, or something else, Well Connected has a program to satisfy your curiosity.

Nutrition Education for All

Presented 1.21.2021
by Cheryl Tallman

Ms. Tallman shares her interest in nutrition education. She discusses how she applies what she learns to her company’s diverse range of products helping people of all ages understand how to get the best and the most out of what they eat.

The Hidden Surprises in Your Medicine Cupboard

Presented 1.13.2021
by Amy Adams

Ms. Adams discusses the surprising ways prescriptions, over-the-counter medications, and supplements interact together and may affect your health. She has a B.A. in Gerontology from the University of Northern Colorado and 15+ years working on senior-related issues.

Stepping Up Your Nutrition

Presented 12.16.2020
by Sue Lachenmayr, MPH and Dr. Matthew Lee Smith, Ph.D., MPH, CHES, FGSA, FAAHB

Malnutrition can cause substantial losses in lean body mass which make older folks more susceptible to falls. Without proper nutrition, they may not be able to successfully recover from falls and are at increased risk for hospital readmission. Because these people are not routinely screened for malnutrition, it often goes undiagnosed. Sue and Matthew talk about the importance of balanced nutrition in the prevention of falls and describe the key warning signs of inadequate nutrition.

Eat Better, Not Less!

Presented 11.18.2020
by Carmen Karlsgodt

Carmen’s passion for healthy food comes from healing herself by using food as medicine and learning what causes inflammation in our bodies. An Independent Consultant with Arbonne International, she shares her belief in health from the inside out.

Passion for Preventing Type 2 Diabetes

Presented 11.4.2020
by Christine Camargo

The Diabetes Prevention Program at Partners in Care Foundation Christine is passionate about connecting people with powerful tools proven to prevent or delay Type 2 diabetes.

PillMap for Medication Management

Presented 10.21.2020
by Kimber Westmore

When Kimber began caregiving for her aging parents, she created PillMap to protect them from medication errors. PillMap can also be used to organize medications as a means of emergency preparedness.

Dignity at Home Fall Prevention

Presented 10.7.2020
by Brian Carter

Learn how older adults in California may qualify for home modifications and fall prevention education and resources through their local Area Agency on Aging.

Falls Prevention Safety Tips

Presented 9.23.2020
by Jennifer Nulty, BSN, RN, CEN, PHN, MICN

Learn the best ways to keep yourself, your family, and friends safe at home from injuries connected to falls.

BINGOCIZE – Playing Bingo for the Health of It!

Presented 9.16.2020
by Dr. Jason Crandall

Learn about this fun way to keep your mind engaged, your body active, have fun AND win great prizes! Partners offers Bingocize as a 10-week online health promotion program combining Bingo with fall prevention exercises and health education. Bingo games take place twice per week for one-hour.