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Partners’ Workforce Development Center is training today, the invaluable social care workforce needed for tomorrow.   

The In-person CHW Training Course is all in person, which include self-study with remote small group meetings. We will also offer two in-person CHW 80-hour trainings. 

The California Department of Aging, will provide $30 per hour for time in training, and a Certificate of Completion to individuals who successfully complete the full CHW training courses. A Certificate of Completion can only be obtained by enrolling in the asynchronous on-line full course, which includes participation in the asynchronous on-line courses and attending scheduled Zoom in-person practice session. 

CHW Training

Enrollment Requirement:

  • 18 years of age or older 
  • California residents with proof of residency (Driver’s License or Utility Bill) 
  • Must be currently working as a direct care provider or in a similar field for at least 2 months 
  • Must be able to provide pay stubs proving work for at least 2 months in a direct service position

In Person Workshop Dates:  

Cohort 1 (Southern CA)  

  • Week 1: Monday, September 25th-Friday, September 29th
  • Practicum: 10/2-10/13  
  • Week 2: Monday, October 16th-Friday, October 20th   
  • Location: 
  • Seats Available: 

Cohort 2 (Northern CA)  

  • Week 1: Monday, October 2nd-Friday, October 6th   
  • Practicum: 10/9-10/20  
  • Week 2: Monday, October 23rd-Friday, October 27th   
  • Location: 
  • Seats Available: 

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