June Employee of the Month: Kayla Armijo

Last Updated June 14, 2022

Congratulations to Kayla Armijo for receiving Employee of the Month for June 2022!

Kayla started working at Partners as a Data Coordinator. She took initiative to define what Quality Assurance, Quality Improvement and reporting needs were required to improve program performance. She was self-taught in many technical aspects of her role and due to her strong communication and technical skills, she was able to effectively assist the Sr. Director with tasks and remove some of her workload.

As the first person in her role, she took on the challenge with confidence and implemented several systems that ultimately improved the quality of services provided to HHP participants. In January 2022, her outstanding performance was recognized when she was promoted to LTSS Project Manager where she was tasked with the launch and implementation of transitioning 2,000 Whole Person Care members to ECM. In addition to this critical program expansion, she simultaneously led the full implementation and project management of the ECM & Community Supports for Housing programs. The quality of her work and professionalism was recognized by Health Net senior leadership after drafting a unique and in-depth outreach summary detailing the multiple outreach approaches conducted by the Engagement Center and ECM staff.

She also went above and beyond her role by working with the IT department on launching several high-level Salesforce projects including the development of new Health Assessments and upgrades to the overall ECM Salesforce system. Her work, caring nature and strong communication skills are greatly valued in the LTSS division.
Congratulation Kayla!

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